Morningstar 2008 C.E.O. of the year | Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

I thought this video by Morningstar to be an appropriate interruption of our U.N.C. lecture series. Morningstar is the most respected of companies that analyzes funds and I am not surprise to see that they announced today that Warren Buffett is their 2008 CEO of the year. Listen to the video below to see why.

Congratulations Mr. Buffett!

These are qualities Morningstar look for in the C.E.O.s of the year:

  1. C.E.O.s that have created long term values for their shareholders.

  2. C.E.O.s that are good independent thinkers.

  3. C.E.O.s that are shareholder-friendly; that view common shareholders as partners in their businesses.

When I looked at these criteria, I thought Warren Buffett epitomizes what it means to be a C.E.O. and that he should be the model for all C.E.O.s out there. Through his communication and policies to shareholders, it is very obvious that he works on our behalf. Congratulations to Mr. Buffett once again.

For more from Morningstar on why he earned this award in 2008, refer to link below.

Full Disclosure: Long BRK.B


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